Everything you need to know about ACT and ACT preparation

ACT or the American College Test is an examination which is conducted by various American Colleges which acts as a standard for admission. It has to be taken by the students from other countries, who want to get admitted to any of the American Colleges. It is a standardized test which is typical for admission […]

How to Find Free Kindle Books in all Genres

Reading is one of the great joys in life. Enjoying a novel, a collection of poems, a select group of plays, or a book on history, science, or politics can take you to another world. It can release you momentarily from the hum drum of everyday life and plunge you into the realm of ideas. […]

How Do I choose an International University?

Choosing a university in itself is secondary, as it usually depends on what you are planning to study. If 3 or 4 universities offer exactly the same course, you will need to base your choice on a number of factors including location and cost of living. London is a very popular choice for choice for […]