Everything Parents Need to Know About Esports

Esports is a growing industry attracting thousands of players every year, and with high schoolers so notorious for playing video games, it’s not surprising that many teens have begun shooting for the pros. For parents, this poses a long list of questions and concerns. While it’s important to support teenage ambitions, esports are relatively new […]

Great Solutions with the Best of Unconscious Bias Training

There is a large and unanimous body of academic research: there are many unconscious obstacles to women’s careers. Even if you respect all the rules of the good student (show confidence, take risks, value your successes, develop your network), it is also possible that you simply do not give them the same advancement opportunities. We […]

4 Favourite Snacks That Kids Love

Kids tend to play a lot and all of that play requires fuel. Keeping your children healthy and active is important, especially during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown that many of us are experiencing here in the UK. To do this, we need to keep them fueled and that means healthy, nutritious meals and plenty of […]