What is a document camera and how to use it in the classroom?

Of all the educational tools used in today’s classroom, the document camera for teachers is one of the easiest to come by, providing significant value in contrast to its low cost. When associated with other options, such as an interactive panel or whiteboard, the document camera can be a beneficial tool used by teachers and students alike. A document camera is not just for scanning books or documents. As a replacement for yesterday’s projectors, document cameras have been found in many classrooms as a way to increase visual aids to the whole class.

Characteristics of a document camera

Depending on the model and brand purchased, a document camera may have a variety of features that could expand the capabilities of the product.

Remote control

Some document cameras have a remote control to help control the field of view from the document camera. Depending on the classroom, a remote control could be a great benefit, offering accessibility to the device regardless of the location within the classroom.


Multiple document cameras can connect wirelessly to other pieces of technology, including interactive panels, whiteboards, or computers. Wireless document camera allows greater portability in the classroom.

Zoom capability

Most of today’s document cameras have zoom feature up to 12X optical zoom, which allows you to focus on certain areas of the field of view. It can be specifically valuable for projecting 3D elements, allowing a high definition look at the smallest details.


Different models of document cameras may have different characteristics, and the interactivity characteristics may also vary. The V500 from JOY USING comes with 8.0 megapixel fast auto-focus camera with built-in PC software package, allowing for immediate use within software applications or interactive platforms. 

The uses of the class for a document camera

For visual learners, the use of a document camera can be a great help in the classroom, offering a higher level of visual connectivity, no matter where they are physically in the classroom. Within a new world of social distancing, a document camera becomes a necessity in today’s classroom, and can be used in a variety of classroom settings and situations.

  • Labeling diagrams of scientific illustrations or grammatical structures,
  • Convey daily agendas, schedule changes, or homework assignments to the class,
  • Expand single-use science projects or exhibits to a larger classroom,
  • Showing book illustrations during reading time,
  • Help build note-taking skills in older students,
  • Analyze literary readings or passages,
  • Demonstrate mathematical principles with physical mathematics,
  • Take photos of individual reports and upload them to the class for review,
  • See the little details in the artworks.


Classroom technology has changed dramatically in recent decades, but even in the entire changes, there is still a great similarity between past and current technologies. Sometimes it is easier to quickly demonstrate how to do something than to try to explain it. A document camera is an effective tool in higher-level math classes and other classrooms. Show your students how to use their complicated graphing calculators or their tablets. Everything seems easier when you have a guide to follow.

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