The Five Benefits of Attending an International School

With over 4,000 international schools worldwide, many parents are wondering if an international school is the right fit for their child. From a global curriculum to a diverse student body, there are many benefits to attending an international school such as Invictus International School in Johor Bahru. Here are five of the most significant benefits: […]

Workplace Mentoring and its Importance

The finest employees are the ones that organizations are always seeking ways to keep. Fortunately for them, the majority of workers seek comparable fulfillment and happiness from their job, making this a crucial area for firms to grow. Mentorship at work, sometimes referred to as business mentoring, can help with this. Companies must create an […]

My Tips for Writing Essays Part 3: Mining for Sources

In the last part of this blog series on my best essay writing tips, I talked about “KISS”.  Many students get stressed out about finding quality sources to cite for their papers. Most professors set some arbitrary number of sources and demand that you obtain them, like a really boring side-quest in a video game. […]