5 Best MCAT Prep Courses Pre-med Students Should Check Out

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If you are one of those pre-med students preparing for MCAT and looking for the Best MCAT Prep Courses, we assure, you have landed in the right place. Yes, after hours of tiresome research on this, we are finally here to present you with an overview of the best MCAT courses currently ruling the market. So, let’s get started without delay!

  1. Kaplan Live Online MCAT Prep:

Kaplan live online MCAT prep course is helpful for people who can’t manage their schedule or location for in-person MCAT preparation. If you are one of them, then this particular course is the best suit for you. This live online course offers a high level of live instruction as well as teacher-led practice sessions.

Kaplan online prep course includes a number of valuable course materials such as MCAT question bank, practice questions of above 10,000, 15 full-length practice exams, interactive science review videos and more than 700 hours of live classes that offer highly interactive teaching. The live online MCAT course is worth $2,499 and the live online PLUS course is worth $2,999. It includes reviews of biochemistry and behavioral science as well as one-on-one coaching.

  1. Best Budget: Magoosh MCAT

The Magoosh MCAT prep course is one of the most popular courses because of its budget-friendliness. This course offers you high-level instruction and realistic practice questions. The course works in every kind of electronic device. You will get in-depth answers, explanations for practice questions, over 400 video tutorials, CARS section and what not? And all these come within your budget. Access of one month to Magoosh MCAT prep course costs around $79 and a full year of access costs around $99 which is way less expensive than many other courses available. The only thing that you need to negotiate is- the courses are self-paced.

  1. Best Intensive MCAT Prep: Princeton Review

If you are late to take preparation for the MCAT exam and have less time for it, then Princeton review’s MCAT prep course will help you to chew on your basics and have an intensive review of the most high-yield topics. It helps to improve your score too. In just four to six weeks, you will be able to get ready for the MCAT through two Winter Bootcamps. Both the courses include 11 MCAT prep books, 15 full-length practice exams, over 500 online video tutorials, 235 practice drills, and interactive lessons. The Strategy Bootcamp offers specific test-taking strategies like tackling difficult question types, time management, pacing, and data interpretation. This course costs $2,299. The Ultimate Bootcamp offers you a more of a comprehensive review of each session, and 123 hours of live instruction and costs $2,799.

  1. Next Step MCAT:

Next step MCAT has been popular these days for several crucial reasons. It offers one-on-one homework help as well as personal attention in your MCAT prep courses. The courses include over 20 video tutorials on MCAT concepts, a customized study routine based on your time and lifestyle and 10 full-length practice questions. They offer small group sessions five days a week for hours so that you can understand every subject and ask questions to experts. You will get expert support 24/7 for any kind of help. You will get all these only at $1,599.

  1. Examkrackers MCAT:

If you are a kind of person who likes both in-person and live online courses, Examkrackers MCAT prep courses are highly recommended for you. It focuses on medium or hard practice questions to make your test day relaxed. You will also get a home study program along with all the course materials of MCAT prep.

The Examkrackers MCAT prep study package begins at $995 and includes a 10-week self-study syllabus, 6 months of access to a forum, 5 practice exams, 5 Check-ins with a National Program Director, 12 hotline sessions per week with an expert instructor.

There is also a Premium package that offers 12 more sessions with an expert teacher, an interactive notebook and some in-depth reviews of practice exams. You can avail this package only at $1,995.

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