5 Things you didn’t know you could do with Tableau!

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Tableau, the industry leading tool that has long represented the gold standard for data visualization tools. From 2003 to today, it has been offering a level of functionality unmatched by any other product on the market. Apply for tableau online training in hyderabad to learn more.

With the bucket of features that Tableau today, it’s impossible for a user to get their head around each and every capability that the software offers. Most people onlyusea few features of the pool available on Tableau, most don’t know about the others. If you wish to become a Tableau exert, we recommend you to enrol with leading training providers like PST Analytics

So as a Tableau user, you might be missing out on quite a lot. To help enhance your data visualization capabilities, let’s take a look at 5 things you didn’t know you can do with Tableau. 

  • Quick search & duplicating fields

BI, Business Intelligence datasets are “huge”and manually searching through the data fields and formulae can be quite a time-consuming task. But, Tableau can do this in a split second, to exaggerate a little. 

The CTRL + F shortcutallows you to instantly search for fields no matter where you are in the visualization process.Double clicking in the white space in ‘Rows’ or ‘Columns’ generates a text box, where you can enter your search for the field or formula. Expediting the process, both these shortcuts create a dropdown list of possible selections when you begin to type a search query in.

Need to duplicate a field? Trying to create a dual-axis chart that requires the same field to be represented twice. Just by holding down CTRL and dragging the desired pill in the ‘Rows’ or ‘Columns’ field right next to itself, Voila, you get the duplicate. Easy, isn’t it?

  •    Working with large data sets is made easy

Even though, bar graphs are simpler, for large data sets, beauty lies in Histograms. By breaking the data into equal size bins, these charts visualize the data. 

Tableau makes it easy to represent large data in histograms. By clicking right on a measure, then clicking on the ‘Create’ option will offer you options of creating bins, calculations, parameters and groups. Depending on the data, Tableau gives you the bin size. 

  •  Hide and unhide fields

Ever worked with large data sets that are so cluttered that it becomes difficult to visualise them? Tableau comes to the rescue! A simple ‘Hide All Unused Fields’ button can be found by clicking the down arrow in the ‘Data’ tab will unclutter your data.  Also, the since there is no ‘Unhide All’ button, you have the option to hold down, SHIFT or CTRL to select multiple fields to hide or unhide. However, by doing so, the fields’ hierarchy is not preserved if they are all unhidden at the same time.

  •  Underused table calculations

Percentile and moving average, are some of the few formulas that are criminally underused. Percentile measurements apart from its standardized use can also make complicated datasets easier to read, by allowing you to see where one data point sits within the distribution. Whereas, moving average helps minimize unwanted data noise. The moving average table calculation is eminently customizable, which allows you attain detailed and specific data insights.

  •  Split: One-click 

Got a list of names in the dataset shown as one dimension – the first name and surname inextricably linked. In a click you can split this data into two fields, of course not manually. Tableau’s version 9 and onwards come with the ‘split’ function 

Right-click > Transform > Split on the dimension you’d like to divide. Not to forget Tableau automatically calculates split you’re looking to make; if the software gets it wrong you can override it by choosing the delimiter yourself ( just like in Excel).

Even though these points are just the tip of the iceberg, people are unaware of this depth and intelligence of Tableau. Very few are willing to challenge themselves and learn its intricacies, which will be handsomely rewarded in the coming digital times. 

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