9 Tips On How To Help Your Kids Adjust To Their First Week In School

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Sending kids to a nursery in Gravesend allows them to grow and be prepared for higher levels of education. Preschool promotes their holistic development and aids parents in helping their children gain valuable life skills — from following directions to forging new friendships.

Every child has different adaptability skills. Some find it easy to adjust to new environments while others struggle to do so. If you have a child going to preschool, here are nine tips on how you can help them transition as they embark on their first week in school.

Visit the school. To help your child familiarise themselves with their school, taking a tour even before classes start is recommended. Attend the open house of your chosen nursery in Gravesend and let your kid meet their teachers.

Set expectations. Preschool has a different environment from your home. So you have to condition your child’s mindset and set expectations. Introduce and carefully go over first-day procedures with your child. These include what happens at school and how children should ask their teachers if they have any questions or concerns in mind.

Read related books. Some books depict what it’s like to attend school for the first time. Letting your kid know such stories can help them understand that their mixed emotions — excitement and anxiety — are normal.

Cut your kid some slack. Allow them — and yourself — to experience stress and anxiety. Keep in mind that it’s part of the preschool experience. What’s important is you learn and let these emotions be vital parts of growth and learning.

Keep old routines. Even when you’re sending your little one to a nursery in Gravesend, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise doing old routines (e.g., eating breakfast as a family at the table, doing some exercises, going to bed at a certain time). Preserving this familiarity will help them adjust to their new environment.

Avoid overscheduling. No parent should “overdo” preschooling. Balance learning time with playtime. After classes, spend time with your kid to relax and simply enjoy some leisurely activities.

Be available. Let your kid know that you’re in it together. Especially during the first week, you have to make yourself available. By volunteering to be at your child’s school, you can easily identify what causes your child to struggle — and help them accordingly.

Communicate. Communication is key when your child embarks on a new journey. Ask them about their experience and let them tell your first-hand how they feel. Afterwards, discuss what you and your kid’s teachers can do to help them cope especially during the first days of school.

Stay positive. Let preschool be a fun, learning experience not just for your child, but for you as a parent as well. Be patient and always keep a positive mindset. After all, you’re enrolling your kid in preschool in hopes of equipping them with the right knowledge and skills to grow. Don’t lose sight of your purpose and trust the process.

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