Are you sipping hot tea on a Miami beach?

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You are on the flight, headed to a certain exciting beach in Miami. The airline stewardess, the surfboard renting official, and the tea vendor got you the most nervous, collectively. Now you are cheerlessly sipping the tea and having a sunbath by the beach. The tan you are getting is worth when you are this dispirited?

Why even were you disheartened?

Stammered to ask the stewardess to guide the way to the loo. The surfboard rent official begged to pardon, all you asked was the price to the service, and ordering the warm tea got you so dejected that you took it as a parcel to go. Miami beach, hot tea. Probably not the pair made in heaven.

Ultimately what got you worried was your love for the English language. You are eager to hear stories from natives of Miami, learn about their culture and whilst you are here, be a part of their lives.

Keeping in mind this unrest, ELSA (English language speech assistant) one of the best English pronunciation apps, has you settled for both short-term and long-term goals. Besides, being your language assistant, this app is also helping you in your professional life. It can prepare you for your competitive exams like TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC. Please find yourself conveniently mending your ways around the app.

The English language coaches align you with their best bite-sized lessons. Moreover, the AI speech coach helps you sound like a native speaker with their varied lessons and techniques, one of which is the accent reduction training.

Learning a language is exciting, all it demands is your attention and consistency. With English learning, you are opening to not only one specific culture, but you will be tapping on rich diversified community arts around the world. As the lessons progress, you will come across new words and phrases. First, it may leave you bewildered but with consistency as the key, you would be building your vocabulary naturally. Traveling becomes easy with the built vocabulary as your guide. It becomes more thrilling when your English speaking practice sessions come about fruitfully. Exchanging smiles because you, as a tourist, acknowledged the phrase, a non-native speaker said to you, made you confident.

There are rules around the pronunciation of every language, English pronunciation has its own. Native pronunciation has its own charming tint, which is blending with the existing rules that make up the electrifying combination. What’s even more interesting about learning a language is the history of pronunciation and phonology around different native speakers.

To recap, English learning and native accent building are easy, all you need to do is give time and dote attention. While you are at it, don’t forget to enjoy the process of learning, solely because you are fond of the language, not because you were sipping tea at the beach. Give it rest as it had its own glee.

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