Are You Thinking, “Where are the After School Classes Near Me?”

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After-school hours can be a great time for a budding filmmaker or actor to learn some fun and important life skills. If you’re searching the Internet for “after school classes near me,” you’ve come to the right place because we offer filmmaking classes for children that will help them to gain confidence, learn public speaking, and how to make movies. 

Children learn important skills for life in our classes, and their confidence levels rise as they master the art of speaking in front of a camera. They leverage their fun personalities as they learn to act on camera as well. You’ll see your child become more confident when they enroll in our classes and camps. 

Children learn social and communication skills, and we encourage engagement, inspiration, perseverance, passion, positivity, critical thinking, and a culture of trust in our courses. These values are all reflected in their work and the skills that they learn with us. You can find a class that suits your child’s particular interests because we offer several types of classes. 

If your child is totally into YouTube, then our YOUth TUBEr class is a great after-school choice. In this class, children learn how to speak with charisma on camera, and they are in charge of coming up with their own material for their scripts. They develop collaboration skills as they work cooperatively with their classmates. They create their own storylines, produce, direct, and film their movies. Most importantly, they have a great time in the process. 

Our Mini Movie class is another fun option if your child is prone to creating intriguing pretend story lines. Your child will use their imaginations to create, direct, act in, and produce their own movies. They learn about making films from beginning to end, and all aspects of the movies they create are based on their original ideas. 

If your child has a dramatic bent or is a little shy but loves a good story, then our classes are the right answer for your “after school classes near me” woes. Contact us to learn about all of the classes and school break camps we offer. Your child will be a better memorizer, a better critical thinker, and will be able to think outside the box in all sorts of life situations when they participate in our classes. They’ll also learn the teamwork skills employers are crying for in new employees. Best of all, they’ll have fun making new friends and memories!

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