Best Courses for Messenger Bots in 2020: Use Bots for Marketing

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The implementation of new technology in the world of marketing is something that we can expect to happen. Online marketing changed the way we are promoting things, services, and products around us.

Back in the day, people used TV and radio ads that were highly expensive and reserved only for wealthy businesses. With the popularity of the internet, marketing changed its appearance and today. Most companies can promote themselves for small price tags.

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Since the beginning of the internet, even online marketing changed based on current trends and technological advancements. That is why we can expect that chatbots will become the future of online marketing.

Remember that bot-powered commerce is something that already happens, but we will still see its grand effects in the times that will come.

What Are Bots?

To simplify the things, we define the bot as the computer program that will help you automatize particular assignments. In most cases, businesses are using them for communication through a conversational interface.

Advanced bots feature artificial intelligence that will allow them to personalize responses, to understand the complex request, and to improve interaction by using machine learning and experience.

Even though technology has just started, most bots tend to follow the already implemented rules by templates. Today, you do not need to learn how to code to create a bot. You just need to sign-in to some bot-building platform, and you will be able to do it with simple drag-and-drop.

Imagine that you need a new charger for the mobile device. Instead of scrolling around and searching manually for the best possible solution, you can tell the bot precisely what you need.

For instance, you can write down in the conversational box, “Find me a fast charger for Samsung.” As a result, you will get proper guidance based on various factors, such as voltage options and size.

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The bot will try to ask you a series of questions to collect the necessary data for understanding your intent. Afterward, you will get what you need much simpler and faster than manually.

As you can see, the most significant advantage of chatbots is that you do not have to spend time scrolling. Still, you will get a convenient way of ordering something by using instant messenger.

Today, you can implement chatbot within instant messengers such as Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger to help your customers with the purchase without entering the store.

Consumers Behavior Changed

If you are making a plan to call a Lyft or to place a takeout, you do not have to leave the messaging app you have been using. Instead, you can find the business through it and order everything you need without any additional hassle.

The main reason why bots are gaining immersive popularity is that artificial intelligence advanced, which lead to numerous changes in the market. In simpler words, bots will help you deal with the problem instantaneously without downloading other apps.

Today, more than five billion people are using messaging apps, which is much more than social networks and platforms. Everything started due to changes in consumer behavior.

You should know that when people are researching, they wish to get the information as soon as possible. That is the main reason why they are using voice search and other convenient ways to browse around.

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Since the email boxes reached the point filled with junk mail and numerous ads, buyers started using social media to follow brands they are buying from. That way, they will have the control to choose, block, and unfollow each business that does not meet their standards.

Chatbox can be utilized in a variety of ways. They can answer questions, give you information and are also capable of human-like conversation skills. Chatbots may reply to you in a casual way, some chatbots are even capable of replying with emojis like the clapping emoji, which some chatbots use to reply to an amazing particular statement that you said.

Due to the popularity of messaging apps, both allowed consumers to find what they need without any additional hassle. Finally, you do not have to enter the filled inboxes, sign numerous forms, and waste time scrolling and searching through the content.

You should know that service, communication, and transactions started to intertwine, which means that bots can act as self-marketing personnel. The main goal is to reach the highest level of usefulness to consumers so that you can stay ahead of competitors.

Today’s content marketing depends on trust and avoids cold calls, spammy emails, and ads that are disturbing people around you. However, the internet is filled with content, so it started to be less attractive around it.

At the same time, email marketing became obsolete. We had to leave emails each time we intended to make a purchase, which meant that we would for eternity serve as the junk stockpile for future discounts.

Instead of creating bulk emails for hundreds of potential customers, you can use bots and messaging apps to create more personalized and meaningful, one-on-one conversation.

That way, the consumer will get a better experience than before, which will affect his/her buying intent. It is as simple as that.

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