Does Being a Bartender Pay Well?

Being a bartender is definitely a thrilling job. You get to hang out at the bar everyday, meet interesting new strangers every night, be in a position of authority in the nightlife industry – what more could one ask for? However, since you plan to take up bartending as a profession, there are other things […]

Building a financial model

What is a financial model? A financial model is a representation of an organization’s financial performance that is mainly prepared using Excel. A financial model normally consists of various financial statements linked to each other using various formulae so that a change made in one part of the statement is reflected throughout. Who uses the […]

Why Study at Winchester University?

The University of Winchester has a passion to assist students in reaching their goals and full potential. The city of Winchester lies about 20 miles north of the English south coast area of Southampton. Just like its neighbouring city it is a student hub with many fine universities. The University of Winchester has been recently […]

Politics in public places Education: The Legislative Agenda

Public education in the usa has experienced many challenges, especially in the last 30 years. Declining test scores, declining graduation rates, poor recent results for senior high school graduates once entering college unprepared, and also the obvious insufficient existence-lengthy learning skills are simply signs and symptoms from the underlying issues with K-12 education. The decline […]

Globalization: The Way It Has Affected Philippine Education And Beyond

Education prior to the twentieth century used to be treated like a domestic phenomenon and institutions for learning were once treated as local institutions. Before the twentieth century, education was usually limited in a rustic, solely intended for the intake of its local citizens. Scholars or university students weren’t required to travel miles from their […]