Classes For Toddlers In Singapore – Is It Too Early?

Deciding when to send your child to school is a personal decision. No law dictates at what age the child should start attending school. It is why some send their kids to classes for toddlers in Singapore at three years old, while others wait until six years old. 

But as many people would say, learning begins at birth. What are the factors parents should consider when deciding at what age they should send their kids to school?


Yes, your kid might be able to read short words, count to ten, or identify colours; signs that your child is intellectually ready for school: but they may not be emotionally ready. For instance, they may not be ready yet to be separated from their primary caregivers; or they are too reserved to be interacting with other people.

The transition could be too overwhelming for the child. They may not be ready for activities such as the Mandarin holiday camp in Singapore. Moreover, if they are not emotionally mature enough to socialise with people their age, it can be a problem. 

But there are ways to prepare them, such as introducing them to other kids during play dates, where they can interact with other children under the guidance of their parents.


Communication is one of the considerations when deciding when to send your child to school. Your child doesn’t have to have perfect speech or communication skills to attend school. As long as they can form basic and short sentences and understand what you are saying, the kids are ready for school.

But what if your child has a speech and hearing communication issue? These cases are something the parents should discuss with their doctors and experts working with children. Their advice can help you decide when is the right time for school.


A bunch of activities that develop a child’s independence can be learned at school. For example, they learn how to tie their shoelaces, keep their tables clean after play, wash their hands, and brush their teeth. 

But there are also crucial routines that they should know even before they go to school, such as potty training. They should be able to know when they need the toilet. Another is eating on their own using their utensils.


Generally, classes for toddlers in Singapore do not have strict rules. Sometimes, home rules are even tougher. Nevertheless, your child must be able to follow simple instructions, such as clean up or walk in a line. If they have trouble following directions and instructions: they may not be ready yet for school.

But you can do something about it. For example, you can start by instructing your child to always put their toys in their rightful place after playing or help fold socks and handkerchiefs.

Every child is unique. Some may be ready for composition writing for primary 3, while others may not. As a parent, you know and feel what is best for your child. Trust your parent’s gut and consult an expert first.

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