Do you think reading มังงะ is waste of time?

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Manga are a wonderful and beautiful form of art and amazing way of story telling. There are lots of people around us who love to read it. People are able to discover new culture and discover emotion in a different way. It’s the same as reading comic or novel or you can say like a story book. Manga is based on story in a series in which there is a sequence in which the story is written step by step in different kind of script called Kanji. So overall it’s no waste of time to read มังงะ because of this a person is able to understand different kind of world, culture and the script. You can work on your vocabulary while reading it. It’s completely beneficial and good to read it. It will please you and you’ll be relaxed which is very important now a day.

What is the difference between anime and manga?

The simple answer of this question is Manga is the term which is dedicated to Japanese comic books and graphic novels; on the other hand anime is the name which is given to Japanese animation. Both of these are tend to be considered genres in the west, but the reality is both are a description of in which way the content is produced. The biggest question can be popped out is what is Anime?  The answer is anime is a term which is used in Japan to indicate an animated cartoon in English. Anime has visually features for characters, and it uses a limited style for depicting movement. Anime often involves complex story lines and character with adult content and themes.

Can it be determined that which one is better? มังงะ. Is an anime?

This is impossible to determine, it’s completely depends on people and the story. Both of these can be linked quickly because many mangaget made into anime, in which black Butler, attack on Titan and the dragon ball are included. Both of them are famous all around the world and Japan, as well as some can love Manga, some can like anime, but there is majority who will love both manga and anime.

Which one can be published quickly?

 If we want to know about publish of Anime as well as Manga, then Manga can be published within a. Week while Anime can be prepared in a month.

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