E-Learning Is The New Future

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In the past, if somebody wanted to learn something they had to be physically present in the classroom. Today with the advancement in technology and the rise of the internet students have access to quality education and interactive learning anywhere and anytime they want as long as they have smart devices, phones, tablets, laptops, computers and the internet. The online mode of learning has completely changed the way learning was imparted to the students. Unlike the traditional chalk and blackboard based learning, e-learning has completely redesigned the overall process and has proved advantageous to the students. Today there are a number of apps and online learning tools available on the internet with a large database of online books, study material, and papers. Infact mobile media options allow learners to choose the learning medium i.e video, interactive quiz, and ebooks.

Fliplearn is one such online E-learning app redefining the learning process and making learning accessible and effective for the students. Let’s look at all the features in detail the app has to offer.

  1. Board Mapped – The study material is mapped for all the KG students to 12th according to the school curriculum and covers all the boards like ICSE, CBSE, and state boards like – Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and many more. Students have access to all the concepts that are taught in school and can study topics subject wise.
  1. Simplified Concepts – All the concepts which seem complex have been simplified for the students to make things easier and for a better understanding. As a result, students can have clarity of concepts.
  2. Personalized Learning – With the integrated home-classroom learning students can learn and study at home at their own pace and convenience. Students get personal attention and can take the lectures according to their individual requirements. There is no limit to access to video lectures. They can be watched any number of times and can practice and revise the concepts whenever they want.
  1. Accessibility – The app is accessible to the students on any smart device and students can learn and practice sessions anytime they want. Students do not need to commute anywhere or follow a rigid schedule. This means they can study from anywhere they want to and can have an interactive learning experience.
  1. Gamified Quizzes – Studies have proved that with interactive learning students can retain better and strengthen critical thinking skills. In order to make the learning more fun and engaging, fliplearn has gamified quizzes to engage students while learning.
  1. Assignments – Students can practice questions, take tests to check their knowledge of the concepts.

  1. Animated Videos – To skip the boring learning lessons, the app has around 19000+ 2D & 3D animated videos to make the learning process easier and interesting.
  1. Synopsis – Students can do quick revision and can have a good overview of all the topics.
  1. Concept Maps – These concept maps will help the students to absorb the information better as well as aid the memory and IQ development of students.

Download the app today to have the best learning experience.

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