Education Is Changing For the Better

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Technology is revolutionising education, from improving accessibility to courses and learning materials online, to consolidating teacher’s workload into one online portal. This article touches upon educational tracking systems, in particular, as a remarkable resource for schools, to not only support teachers but to improve student’s education.

Online School Reports

With educational assessment software, it’s no longer necessary for teachers to distribute reports to pupil’s parents by hand. With the EYFS assessment tracker programme, for example, teachers can type each report at their own pace. And once completed, schedule the report to be sent to the pupil’s parents. Providing each parent has an email address, the receiver can access the report (either in word or PDF format) to read from the comfort of their homes. Plus, it allows parents to ask the teacher questions about their child’s report too.

Educator Email 

Alongside administering school reports online to parents, the Educator email software removes the concern over whether parents have received a letter about an important update or event from the school. From alerting parents about upcoming school trips, meetings, and school holidays, teachers can easily schedule to send information via educator email to multiple parents at once.

Accessibility to Students Learning Profiles

With the ability to access a student’s online learning profile anywhere, teachers have the freedom to leave school after the bell rings and work wherever they choose. Whether at home, the library, or a cafe. Working online alleviates pressure from teachers to remain at school for hours on end, or the concern of carrying boxes of paperwork to and from home.

Educational tracking software is an ideal step towards changing education for the better. As it also allows head teachers, school governors and leaders to access and share information about its pupils with ease.

Furthermore, the accessibility to pupils learning profiles is extended to parents to increase transparency between the school and parents. For instance, access to the EYFS assessment tracker allows parents to see evidence of their child’s progress through videos, photos and comments uploaded by the teacher.

Information to Improve Learning

Educational tracking systems provide a distinct advantage above schools that collate data on paper, by recording and organising the data online in an easy-to-read format. Headteachers, school governors and so on can access this data to identify areas that need improving—such as identifying pupils who would benefit from additional tutoring to enhance their learning.

Educational systems are multifaceted, allowing access to pupils information, school reports and mail systems in one place. It can help save the teachers time allowing them to focus their efforts on teaching, while simultaneously giving parents access to their child’s progress in school and encouraging them to contribute to their child’s education. Plus, it provides school leaders with the tools to collate, arrange and interpret data about its pupils to assist school improvement. 

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