Everything you need to know about ACT and ACT preparation

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ACT or the American College Test is an examination which is conducted by various American Colleges which acts as a standard for admission. It has to be taken by the students from other countries, who want to get admitted to any of the American Colleges. It is a standardized test which is typical for admission in all of the American Colleges. The test is paper and also computer-based where the students who have applied for the undergraduate programs in the American or Canadian colleges have to take this test before proceeding for the further admission process.

The test initially had four sections with four different subjects. The subjects were English, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. However, later, the social sciences section was removed and made just a reading section, and the natural sciences section was changed to science reasoning test, which then focused on the problem-solving skills of the students.

The total duration of the test is about 3 hours and 30 minutes, and the minimum score required to get admitted in the colleges is decided by the colleges, and it may be different for every college. So when preparing, if you have targeted a particular college, then you can check out their past admission score and plan out the paper accordingly.

For ACT test prep, one can attend the offline and online coaching institutes as well. There are many institutes that offer the preparation courses for the exams like these. A student can also prepare by himself as there are many books available along with the availability of various previous question papers. You can also find some freelance teachers who teach essential elements of the course online.

There are several online training centres that provide guidance and assistance to ACT aspirants. These training institutes are much better than the offline ones as they also conduct weekly tests and provide you with an elaborate analysis of your progress. They also have visiting lectures of the students who have previously given the exam, and these students can guide you on how to excel the concerned examination. They also have a Q&A session where you can ask them all your questions and queries regarding the exam. Preparing for ACT is a relatively tough task, and you can do it with the help of all the study material available online and offline.

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