First Aid: Ground Rules and Basic Skills

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First aid is a set of measures aimed at restoring or preserving the life and health of the injured person. It must be given by someone who is close to the victim (mutual aid) or by the victim himself (self-help) before the arrival of a medical professional. This is why it is so important to learn basic first aid rules at Erste-Hilfe Kurs München

On how skillfully and quickly provided first aid depends on the life of the victim and, as a rule, the success of subsequent treatment. Therefore, everyone must know how to give first aid and be able to give it to the victim and himself.

General Rules of First Aid

Erste hilfe kurs can help you to act immediately. Different types of courses can be useful in different situations. For example, sehtest erste hilfe kurs or notfallmedizin erste hilfe kurs can be both helpful but in different types of injuries.

In order not to succumb to panic and properly provide first aid it is necessary and important to correctly perform the following actions in this sequence:

  1. Ensure the complete safety of the victim, yourself, and people around you.
  2. You should carry the person to another place only in dangerous situations, when he is lying on the roadway, in the mud, water, or near the fire. In all other situations you can only make their condition worse (e.g. internal injuries, head injuries, and fractures).
  3. Do not place a pillow under the victim’s head! Just lay down a towel or scarf.
  4. Check for vital signs in the victim:
  • feel for a pulse by placing your fingers on his carotid artery;
  • check their breathing – lean towards their mouth and nose and try to feel for a puff;
  • assess the victim’s consciousness by shaking him slightly and asking a question.
  1. Call ambulance.
  2. Give immediate first aid, which will be necessary depending on the situation.
  3.  Create a comfortable environment both physically and psychologically for the victim.

First aid in case of a sprain

A sprain is a damage to soft tissues (ligaments, muscles, tendons, nerves) under the influence of force that does not violate their integrity. You can learn how to recognize a sprain and basic first aid rules in Erste-Hilfe Kurs München.

Signs of sprain:

  • sudden severe pain
  • swelling
  • impaired joint movements
  • bleeding into the soft tissues

First aid algorithm

Keep the injured person quiet, bandage the injured joint tightly, keep it immobile and reduce hemorrhage. Consult a trauma doctor if possible. These basic rules are necessary to know. You can learn it by visiting erste hilfe lehrgang.

The forced position of the limb and the deformation of the joint shape can immediately attract attention during the examination, but may not be evident under thick clothing in cold seasons. In this case, it is necessary to proceed by the method of exclusion from the worst-case scenario:

  • Make sure the victim does not have a fracture and associated bleeding
  • If the victim is conscious and adequate, ask him to move the distal (far) parts of the limb, that is, the fingers (hand, foot). With a fracture, movement is likely to be impossible or the victim will report severe pain accompanying the movement. With a dislocation, the bone remains intact and movement in the small distal joints will not cause the above symptoms.

Displacement of the articular head with desquamation of the joint capsule also belongs to the specific signs of dislocation. Notfallmedizin erste hilfe kurs recommends following first aid in this situation:

  • Assess the situation and provide a safe environment for assistance
  • Call an ambulance,
  • Fix the injured limb in the position it was in after the dislocation, and give the limb an elevated position.
  • Secure the limb with a bandage or hang it on a headscarf.

In case of dislocation of the joints of the lower extremity, the victim must be taken to a medical facility in the prone position (on a stretcher) with cushions placed under the limb.

A sprain or other injuries are one of the reasons why people should know basic first aid rules. You can find some courses on the Internet, just by searching erste hilfe kurs near me, ask friends, or find it in different medical organizations.

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