Five habits that are useful for (entry-level) security job

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  1. Survey the field

Follow influential cybersecurity experts and people on Twitter. The most successful ones are not referring to themselves as cybersecurity evangelists. They’re just regularly dropping knowledge info, tips, and tricks that can assist your career. Apply for cyber security course in hyderabad to learn more.

Of course, it helps when you got an electronic systems tech certificate for better learning.

  1. Combine reading and practice

This may surprise you, but this security company called Expel has a collection of great content. Self-serving comments aside, multiple companies produce high-value security content on a pretty regular basis. As you read, try to think of how you’d go about detecting the activity they describe. Moreover, when advancing from the electronic technology certificate program.


  1. Seek deep learning, not just reading

Have you ever completed a class and then months later tried to use the knowledge you allegedly learned to discover you’ve forgotten all the crucial information? Yeah, if you loose learning from using the experience, you’re going to be in a tight spot. This may be one of the biggest hindrances in diving into a more technical security role upfront. Besides, even when studying for an electronic systems technology certificate, you may forget to stop deep learning.

  1. Develop a malicious mindset

Years ago, a security practitioner explained how you could become a better defender by thinking like an adversary. The story came with some awkward (and humorous) interchanges. He walked into a hotel room with his family while on vacation, saw the unsecured dispenser installed into the shower wall, and said aloud, “Wow, it would be easy to replace the shampoo with Nair!” His family was horrified. That’s how you learn by developing a malicious mindset like the hackers themselves.

  1. Be dauntless

Don’t let your lack of experience hinder you. There are companies out there willing to invest in people with the right traits and a desire to learn. Apply for the job, even if you don’t feel you’re qualified. Maybe you get a no. So what? Try again at another company. Or try again at that similar company later.

learning will only get you so far … applying your ability will get you to the next level. And guess what, remember that Feynman technique? Yeah, teaching that acquaintance you’ve acquired to others will get you one level farther. You can know more at cyber security course in bangalore about this.

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