Funny Things You Need to Know About English

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Over 840 million people talk English as a first or second language, which makes it the second most-spoken language after Chinese. It is the main language of a massive 67 nations as well as 27 non-sovereign entities such as Puerto Rico or Hong Kong.

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Let’s get to the fun realities concerning the English language!

  • English originates from what is now called northwest Germany and the Netherlands.
  • The phrase ” long time no see” is thought to be a literal translation of an Indigenous American or Chinese phrase as it is not grammatically appropriate.
  • “Go!” is the shortest grammatically proper sentence in English. Find out some of the lengthiest words in the English language.
  • The initial name for butterfly was flutterby.
  • Concerning 4,000 words are added to the thesaurus each year.
  • The two most usual words in English are I and you.
  • 11% of the whole English language is simply the letter E.
  • The English language is claimed to be amongst the happiest languages worldwide, oh, as well as words “pleased” is utilized 3 times more frequently than the words “depressing!”
  • 1/4th of the world’s population speaks a minimum of some English.
  • The United States doesn’t have a main language.
  • It is the just major language that doesn’t have any organization assisting it, rather than the French Académie française, the Spanish Academic Community Española as well as the German Rat für Deutsche Rechtschreibung. These organizations are in charge of controlling the advancement of their respective language in regards to usage, vocabulary, and grammar.
  • The most common adjective utilized in English is “good.”
  • Amongst the most generally utilized noun is “time.”
  • The word “set” has the highest possible variety of meanings.
  • Month, silver, orange, as well as purple, do not rhyme with any other word.

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