Golden tips for choosing the right school for your child

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The process of choosing school admissions in Gurgaon is neither simple nor quick, nor should it be. It is a super important moment and you need to dedicate yourself to it. Your child’s future will depend on it, which is why it needs to bring together all the qualities you believe are necessary.

Quality teaching

The way to determine this is not necessarily by ranking position. Other aspects count, such as teacher training, a diversified curriculum, with activities in the arts, music, sports, robotics, languages, etc., or the intelligent use of technologies in classes. A good teacher encourages students to participate actively in classes.

What is the education model?

Not every school is suitable for every student and family profile. Parents should check that they agree with the educational model and values ​​the CBSE School in Gurgaon promotes. Remember that the school needs to be in tune with today’s world, with classes that address topics such as sustainability, inclusion, diversity, citizenship, peaceful coexistence, etc.

Partnership between school and family

Monitoring school life is essential to ensure the best performance. However, some schools do not guide this family participation. It is necessary to check if the school maintains other forms of communication with parents, such as orientation lectures, invitations to events, e-mails with information, etc.

Location and security

Staying close to home cannot be the only criterion, but it needs to count, especially in large cities, like Gurgaon. If the ideal school is on the other side of town and the student takes hours to get there, that means more stress and fatigue, less energy for study and leisure. The school should also take care of student safety.

Physical space and facilities

The school in Gurgaon must have appropriate spaces for the practice of sports and leisure activities. Classrooms need to be comfortable, airy, with good light and adequate acoustics. It is important that the environment is clean and organized, ensuring everyone’s well-being.

It has to fit in your pocket

Dream school can be private and very expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to be realistic, balancing the mentioned criteria with the family budget. Make a plan, estimating the investment needed to support approximately 15 years of study and reserving the resources to avoid setbacks.

Private or public school

Finally, keep in mind that not every private school is necessarily better than a public school. It is practically impossible to choose. If your child studies or is going to study at a public school, pay attention to the institution’s grade. Demand from the management that the school increasingly adapts to the criteria mentioned above.

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