How academic and report comment writing software works

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Teachers spend a lot of time writing report comments and general comments on each semester’s performance. At the end of it all, you may end up spending up to 50 hours on writing report comments only! Well, if you are a teacher and a parent, that is enough time to take your children out for a weekend lunch or even spend time watching movies. You can also use that time to plan for lessons and follow up on course-work performance. In that case, you may find it necessary to use report writing comment software to save time.

But how exactly does this software work? Well, check out on the following:

  • Online reporting system

An excellent report writing comment software allows you to do the work online and save your progress as you enter the data so that you can always pick from wherever you left off. It therefore means that you can literally work from anywhere and in the shortest time possible. For instance, writing your comments that would have otherwise consumed 50 hours of your time will now take something like 20-25 hours. You can also access it via your mobile, desktop PC, or even portable devices such as laptops and tablets.  You start by uploading a class list to the system.

  • General report comments

General report comments are normally based on the personalities and how your students generally carry themselves when at school. There are hundreds of general report comments in the software based on students’ effort, general classroom activities, and personality traits.

  • Academic report comments

Academic reports comments cover a wider part of the curriculum as it is done subject-wise. The subjects that are covered include Mathematics, English, Science, Religious Education, Arts, and HASS. Based on the class list, there are several report comments to choose from. The report comments are generated based on effort, behavior, and academic performance.

  • Individual Education plans

As a teacher, you must meet the individual needs of every student in your class because the students aren’t the same. We have a wider range of learners with varying capabilities. Report writing software allows you to create Individual Education Plans (IEPs) where you can comment on and justify how you focus on different students’ needs. Remember, we mentioned that it is online, and therefore you can also track the progress of your students based on the IEPs from home.

  • Linked to curriculum

You shouldn’t worry about keeping up with the curriculum because our report writing software is linked to the Australian curriculum. It is also linked to the Western Australian and Victorian curriculum. This means that any comment you make on your student is consistent with the curriculum, and you can do student monitoring based on that.

Writing your Report comments with our software has helped teachers to save on time and concentrate on other things that are equally important as part of their lives. When you finish writing the report comments in a fraction time, it means that you can now get home earlier than how you used to, and get enough time to plan for lessons and see your loved ones. The fact that you can also work from anywhere makes it the best thing to ever happen to a dedicated teacher! After all, teachers are also human beings, and they need to spend enough time with their families too.

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