How important it is for kids to learn English?

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Why is it important to learn English early on?

Due to the growth of English as a world’s most used language today, the need for children to learn English has also become very important. The rapid growth of countries accepting English as their main language or second language, the need to learn English also becomes important. Whether you like to travel for fun or business, it is very important that you know English to properly communicate with others. That’s why parents should start teaching their kids as early as they can. Even schools started teaching kids English from an early age and there are also centers which provide courses especially for kids. There are also programs for teachers like English for Kindergarten [ภาษา อังกฤษ สำหรับ เด็ก อนุบาล, which is the term in Thai] so that they can teach students in better ways.

Want to travel the world but wasn’t able to communicate.

Traveling across the globe experiencing different cultures, cuisines, landscapes, and meeting new peoples, making bonds with them is one of the most amazing things a human can experience in his life. There are people of all beliefs and cultures, spoke different languages and there is no possible way you can communicate with everyone in your native language. So what happens if you were out in some other country and stuck somewhere and need some guidance or assistance but don’t know how to express what you want from them? Even with the basic knowledge of English, you will be able to get help from someone because one in every five people at least understands English. Maybe just a little bit but still a little bit is better than nothing. Nowadays people all around the world are eager to learn English so it will be better if you learn too.

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