How to deal with kids of learning difficulties?

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Learning difficulties are also referred to as learning disabilities (LD). Learning disability is basically a condition that describes a group of neurological disorders that impact on a person’s academic and functional capabilities. In simple terms, this lifelong issue affects the way the brain processes and analyzes information. The children with learning difficulties are as smart as their peers, but this specific group of children may not learn in the same way as their peers because they are having difficulties in speaking, listening, reading, spelling, writing, reasoning, arithmetic and organizing information. Many people think that learning difficulty is a type of mental retardation, but in fact, individuals with learning difficulties are different from those having any mental retardation or a cognitive syndrome. It can be found across all ages, however, most parents and teachers recognize this learning difficulty while an individual is in school and he is unsuccessful to deal with the school work especially with reading and writing that get in the way of academic success

Common Kinds of Learning Difficulties

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)- This Sensory disability is also known as Central Auditory Processing Disorder, a situation in which a child can not understand linguistic in spite of their normal visualization and hearing.

Dysgraphia– A condition that can affect a child’s handwriting ability resulting in illegible handwriting and he finds it difficult to form words or write within a defined space. Kids with dysgraphia have to develop their motor skills. Activities such as cutting, coloring, painting an easy acrylic painting and working with clay can boost dexterity and develop motor skills.

Dyscalculia- Mathematical disability is called dyscalculia, individuals with this type of learning difficulty have to face complications in the process of grasping mathematical concepts.

Dyslexia- A specific learning difficulty is sometimes referred to as a language-based learning disability, Individuals with this condition may have difficulty in understanding written words that strongly affect a child’s reading fluency, writing, spelling, speech, and reading comprehension. Special education centers in Dubai offer touch and type learning approach for such individuals that helps them in translating their ideas into written words deprived of the interruption of forming letters. As typing is easier for an individual with Dyslexia than writing by hand.

 Tips to deal with kids of learning difficulties

Individuals who have a learning difficulty frequently require a focus on right study strategy, intervention and support in order to get the intellectually demanding position and make improvement in academics.

  •       Keep them motivated
  •       Learn them in a different way
  •       Select fascinating content with sufficient pictures
  •       Give them time
  •       Give them proper support in building a constructive and healthy self-image.
  •       Encourage their strengths

Special needs schools in Dubai exist to support individuals who struggle with specific learning difficulties, that offers multi-sensory learning courses in order to make improvements in a child’s reading writing and spelling skills. This multi-sensory typing course allows the individuals with learning difficulties to type the correct key and helps to convert a letter as a sequence of muscle movements in the fingers, which supports spelling skills. Also, you can develop your child’s learning skills by showing some enthusiastic kid stars on youtube video. 

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