How To Eliminate The Smell Of Tobacco

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How to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke - from simple ...

Smoking at home causes a smell that is not pleasant at all, especially when guests or others from outside arrive. People who smoke become so used to tobacco that there comes a time when their sense of smell becomes numb and no longer bothers them. But the truth is that the smell of tobacco is impregnated in furniture, clothing, textiles and even our skin. Is it possible to eliminate this house odour?

How To Eliminate The Smell Of Tobacco

Even if you are a smoker, there will likely come a time when you realize how annoying the smell of the cigarette is and want to eliminate it. Well, here are some tricks to achieve it.


Everyone knows the cleaning and disinfecting power of vinegar, and in this case, it is also very effective. Heat water in a pot with a good amount of vinegar and put it in a sprayer. Spread it over the most affected areas, and you will notice a clean smell in the environment.

To prevent the odour from accumulating again, place small bowls around the room with white vinegar, and it will absorb the bad smell of tobacco.

Coffee And Citrus

They both have strong but pleasant smells. You have to put small containers in different places in the house with coffee beans or citrus skins such as oranges, lemons or tangerines.

It will not only avoid the bad smell of tobacco, but it will also act as a natural air freshener that gives off a very pleasant smell.

Smoke With Smoke

Just as one knife is sharpened with another, fire is fought with fire. One of the home remedies that you can apply to make the tobacco smell disappear is to light matches. The smell they give off is pleasant and will cover the bad smell of cigarettes.

Incense is another good option. But due to its intense smell, it is recommended that you first clean the room very well with bleach or floor scrubbing.

Essential Oils

Choose fresh and simple fragrances, no vanilla or cinnamon which, given its intensity, can mix with the smell of tobacco and cause an unpleasant aroma. Let’s say it would be like putting on deodorant or cologne without taking a shower.

These essential oils can be used in many ways, such as applying a few drops on small gauze pads that are placed in the corners or simply dropping a few drops in the corners.

Although these remedies and tips can be very useful to eliminate the smell of tobacco, it is recommended that you avoid smoking inside the house and get used to going outside, to the balcony or a patio if you have one. No matter how many measures are taken, tobacco gives off a strong odour and dirt. Another remedy that you can put is to get professional repairs from a property fire where you can leave your house looking like new.

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