How to find your very first job?

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Are you a youngster looking for your very first job and are unsure how to begin? Well, here we have given you some tips which should help you in your job hunt. Before you start, you will need to sort out all your personal information, educational background, your skills, any informal work that you might have done or any kind of volunteer work too. You might be just a teen, but all this information says a lot about you. 

Rules and Regulations – Every country has various rules set out. For example if you are in Australia, particularly in NSW then you can work at any age. But your employer would have to stick to certain rules as per your age. And only once you have turned 17, or completed year 10 can you work full time. Else you would need permission from the Department of Education. If you want to start working you would need to know what rules apply to you as per the state you reside in. 

Choices – When you go in for your first job you should try and make it something fun or something that interests you and not think of it only as a mode of earning money. That way you stay interested and you learn willingly.

Job Application – It goes without saying that you need to be able to fill out a job application. If you are unsure, then you can always take help from family and friends or check online for premium graduates in Australia and you would surely find lots of tips. You would also need a complete resume which details your personal information and list of accomplishments or achievements – educational or otherwise. 

Job search – You can start by going through some sites which give you options on entry level and/or part time jobs. If you are still a student you can also approach your career service office or guidance officer. They would be able to give you more tips. 

Persistence – It’s quite possible that you might not get the job that you applied for. Job searches can take time. You need to be patient and persistent. You can always follow up with the hiring manager after a couple of days if you had applied in person. Also, do not depend only on one particular place. You need to be flexible with your hours and try at several organizations. Only then would your chances of getting a job be better. If you have any kind of connections personally or through your friends and family, do not feel awkward to use them. Please remember that it will not be easy to get a job especially without any experience. You need to keep trying. Once you get into a job, it will be the step towards your next one and possibly your future career too. 

You might be a teen but when you apply for jobs, you need to dress appropriately. If you want you can always visit the organization to see what the dress code is like and act accordingly. If you are still not sure, then it is always better to dress up rather than dress down. 

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