How To Keep Your School Safe in Schools According To The New CDC Guidelines

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CDC school guidelines and universal masking: A shopping guide

The CDC recently came out with new guidelines for keeping kids safe as they prepare to return back to school full time nationwide. As more children continue to return to meet in classrooms, it is important that schools and parents are making sure all in person meetings are up to the proper protocol. The biggest take away from the new rules is cleanliness and having an effective disinfectant strategy. Schools have always been a breeding ground for infections and sickness. To prevent the further spread of COVID and to also prevent common illnesses like the flu, each school needs to have a powerful disinfectant strategy.

As outlined by the CDC, there are six steps all schools need to take in order to produce a disinfectant statedy. This all starts with some research. All disinfectants need to be EPA approved. EPA approved means it was deemed safe by the Environmental Protection Agency which guards human and environmental health. Within the EPA approvals, there are also special lists. For example, N-List EPA approved means it actually kills COVID. For your school, list-N disinfectants are likely the best option for the current climate.

Second, look into the directions for the disinfectant. While they are all effective, choosing a specific disinfectant that works best for your environment is best. For schools, this may be wipes or sprays since they dry quickly. Step three goes along with reading directions of products before purchase. Clean all surfaces and figure out how the areas will be disinfected. Believe it or not, there actually is a big difference between disinfecting and cleaning.

Step four is quick and simple, the CDC states that the person cleaning needs to allow the proper contact time. The proper contact time is dependent on each product. Essentially, the chemical solution needs to be on the surface for a specific amount of time for it to work effectively. This time varies between products. If possible, allow the disinfectant to air dry on the surface. This is always the most effective way to make sure your disinfectant is functional.

The fifth step states that after areas are cleaned and disinfected, a person should wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. This small step is important not to miss! Janitors and those responsible for cleaning the building should be wearing the proper hazard materials however washing one’s hands after using a chemical is still important. Lastly, make sure that all disinfectants and chemicals are stored securely away from children’s sight and reach.

Returning to school will be a happy victory against the pandemic. Make sure you can keep your school safe and healthy moving forward. Follow the CDC’s six steps to properly disinfection.

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