How to treat lack of focus in children

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Many mothers complain that their children are not focused and distracted, so they ask him to do something so that he comes back after he came up with something else or that he forgot what I asked him or that he was not careful when I asked him to do the thing so what are the means and methods that can be followed when dealing with A child without focus to become more active for his mind and has greater mental capabilities. Is lack of focus related to the child’s mental capabilities? Is the child without focus is a stupid child? Is lack of focus in children a disease that can be treated?

the games

In the early stages of the child, he has a great passion for his love for games, so you should take this opportunity to strengthen the child’s ability to focus, and for you through choosing games that increase the concentration of your child, and your choice of your child’s games depends on the age of your child and on studying the characteristics that he enjoys Your child is in his specific stage of age by studying the science of growth, which helps you describe the qualities that your child has at every age they have, and helps you know the appropriate games for him and the most appropriate ways to deal with him and introduces you to the physical characteristics of your child in order to know whether your child is growing up a good image or No? This is to be in constant monitoring of your child’s condition.

The science of growth helps in studying the foods that are beneficial to your child at this age and that helps him in developing his mental abilities and increases his IQ and concentration, as we have said for each age stage its own games, and the process of using games to help increase the focus of the child is based on graduation when the child uses the game Installing the images in the beginning, we give him the easy image, and if he can configure it, you can give him the most difficult image, and this is until his skill development is developed and taking into account when playing, you allocate time for him to accomplish the task required of him, so the speed in performing a work that helps you operate all centers Sensitive, alert and perceptive, you develop your ability to focus in a work in a fast time, as we know, the speed in the performance of time may make you less focused, and in return training on the thing helps you to overcome the problem of concentration in your children and has a great ability to treat the lack of focus in the child.

You can make the game in the beginning. You can set a group of shapes in the middle of which there is a medium-sized hole. These shapes are large and polymorphic such as squares, circles and triangles. You have to make sure that these shapes have different colors. We put these shapes in a box and then we bring a rope that can enter the shapes through The hole is easy and in the first stage you ask the child to insert the shapes in the box and pass them into the rope you have. Through this game, the child can begin the process of examining his ability to focus on placing the shapes in the rope correctly. If he can do that, you should encourage the child and Motivate it and start doing the second step that works to develop the focus further, and this is through your request that the child put the similar shapes in the rope and repeat the process and then ask him to put the shapes that carry the same color in the rope, and if he cannot help you and repeat the process, but be sure to The child does not feel bored, and if he passes this stage, you can move to another way of playing through the use of smaller shapes, their colors are close and the hole is any hole that is smaller, because they need higher levels of focus in placing things in the rope in a correct way and with great accuracy, he cannot do it He is distracted, he must gather all his powers to get the correct results in a faster time and as we have explained, we must determine the appropriate time to pass the required of you.

If he performs this task to the fullest extent, you can move to another stage by displaying an image in which there is a specific arrangement of shapes and arranged colors, and we ask him to obtain identical shapes to the image so he starts working in order and we must set him a suitable time and in addition to that the error times must be determined if he erred More than five times, for example, he must repeat the activity again in order to obtain more accurate results and help him overcome the problem of lack of focus sooner, and many of the games that you can share your child to these games help him in the treatment of the problem of focus.

healthy food

Caring for baby’s food, good food works to nourish the brain and brain, and child’s food must be taken care of since pregnancy in the fetus so that his body is built on a correct basis, and provide the minerals and nutrients necessary for the brain to grow properly and have the ability to get a healthy mature child, and not to cause problems Mental and mental, and the mother must take care of the food of her child from eating all the nutrients beneficial to the body, there are many nutrients that increase the child’s concentration such as eating vegetables and fruits, in addition to eating fish meals that have an effective role in developing the mental capabilities and intelligence of children and adults. You must take care of the mother to drink her child every day a cup of milk and if he does not want to do so, he must circumvent him in other ways such as putting cocoa with milk, or making cake with milk as well as eating eggs, and the mother must be careful not to give the child medication except after consulting The specialized physician, when there is an urgent need for that, that is, to replace real estate and medicines with alternative herbs that we extract from nature that benefit the child instead of excessive chemicals, and it is advised not to multiply children from drinking tea and stimulants, such as Nescafe.

Encouragement and increased motivation

And not hitting the child all this helps increase the focus of the child, so he will have a lot of energy to do any request that you ask him to the fullest extent, so encouraging and strengthening the child has a lot more to increase the self-confidence of the child so he feels that his mind has an effective role in his life so he deliberately uses his mind in the form Positive. When he goes to school, he is confident that he will understand everything that the teacher will say, prepare himself for that, and listen to everything the teacher says with listening ears without straying and messing about other things distracting him from what the teacher says, and motivating the child also makes him have a great ability to focus. If he teaches the child that his attention to the teacher He may reap his good deeds as if he obtained a A game that he wants or going to a place he loves will make him more enthusiastic to accomplish what is required of him at the highest level in order to get what he wants and who has inside it has a positive energy that helps him endure the hardships and obstacles that stand in front of him as for the child who has negative energy will be helpless when the first bump he finds in front of him for that You should always charge your child with the positive energy that boosts his confidence and makes him an active person interacting with those around him, so he does not try to isolate himself from what roams around him, and when you find your child he cannot focus on doing the thing required of you and resort to the method of hitting because that will make your child introverted and entrenched in him He is a bad person and he is not a person Reliable and all these things make your child in the future have a weak personality and a little confidence in himself, and one of the things that should be mentioned when the child is struck is that you know about the reason for beating you and that there is a farewell reason for this beating so it is forbidden to hit the child for the most trivial reasons because this will raise him a knot Psychological has serious consequences when he grows up.


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