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About Us

The 5-Year plan is an innovative tool to drive dynamic changes intended to arrest the decline in educational delivery in the face of failing standard in the quality of tuition, teaching delivery and general management of Kingsville Primary School now Best Schools International

This plan purposes to deliver innovations in school management and sustainable improvements in teaching and learning in School via the following:

  • Shared vision and mission by stakeholders
  • Public investment in education based on defined and measurable indices
  • Private funding support base and sustainability
  • Independent framework within a strong governance framework
  • Strict accountability for better academic and financial performance
  • Development of encompassing collegial culture involving students, parent's alumni and local community as real partners in the delivery of education.

Strategic Transformation Plan - SCOPE:

Our strategic transformation plan for the School has as its major thrust:

  • Undertake situational analysis.
  • To analyze the causes of declining quality education in Kingsville 
  • Determine the basic features for a realignment in line with best practices in educational deliveries;
  • To determine a new strategic direction and design a comprehensive action plan; and
  • Strategic redesign of platforms and restructures that will enable world class academic delivery and management.