Our Anthem

 School Anthem

1.    Best Schools International

       Is the city founded on the rock

       Best Schools International

       Is the city that is founded on the rock of God

       Go say to your neighbours

       Go tell every parent

      Go and say to the children

      A citadel of excellence has come to stay!


2.   Education is the light

      And the future of tomorrow leaders

      Join this Royal Glorious Trend

      Of Excellence, Wisdom and Philosophers!

      Lift the Royal Banner High

      Spread the tidings of Quality Tuition

      On the Mountain and in the Valley

      Till the peasants in the land have come to school.


  School Pledge

      Best Schools International

      We are the best

      The Centre of Excellence

      You are the School, breeding ARISTOCRATS

      By your standards and quality of PRODUCTS

      We speak so much of your International Status

      Oh! Best Schools International,

      I’m indeed proud of you!

      I pledge my honesty and submission in return

      For KNOWLEDGE!

      I pledge my honesty and obedience in return

      For the meaning in my life!

      I will love, defend and cherish you

      So help me God, Amen.


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