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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Best Schools starts with our belief that all pupils/students can learn at high levels and can attain international standard and become the best in spite of all odds. We believe the best thing we can do for our children is nurture in them a lifelong love of learning. Best Schools guide the development of responsible citizens and provide every pupils/student with opportunities to master essential skills and develop personal potential.
In support of these goals, the Best Directorate will institute reasonable code of discipline and international best practices [our cultural imperatives] intended to ensure a safe & orderly environment conducive for optimal tuition delivery & learning. Open lines of communication between school, pupil/student, and parents are crucial to good classroom atmosphere, and Best Schools' personnel work very hard to keep dialogue going.
Before takeover Situational Analysis:
The deplorable situation of Kingsville Primary School is traceable to a host of factors - namely:
1.    Declining quality of education
2.    Poor Human Capital Management
3.    Strategic Management.[Bad]
4.    Poor Teaching Delivery Support.
5.    High Operating Costs, Corruption and Pilfering.
6.    Poor and Inadequate Infrastructure.
7.    Absence or Weak Information Technology platform.
8.    Indiscipline and moral decadence in Schools.
9.    Lack of commitment, collegial culture and team spirit.
10.   Poor Accountability Systems.
11.   Declining Quality of education:
The purpose of setting up School is to provide excellent tuition to young Nigerians from all over the country in an atmosphere that would: