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Our Nursery

We believe that the Early Years phase of education is vitally important and determines the future development of each of our children. It is important that their individual needs are identified through observation and documentation of their interests, development and progress. Curriculum goals are met through the co-construction of knowledge where children and adults learn from and teach one another. With this vital support, children grow to feel confident, secure and empowered and with positive traits, their high self-esteem becomes an important pre-requisite for effective learning.

Children's learning occurs and is enhanced through their interactions with our properly trained crew, Tele-DVD Tutorial Support Programmes, space and resources, and how they learn best is through play and observation , which are children's 'work'. For OPTIMAL children's learning and development, our Nursery at Best Schools is structured as follows:

Early Learning Goals

These goals are used as frameworks for learning and the four (4) areas of learning promoted are :

1. Communication, language and literacy

2. Mathematical development

3. Knowledge and understanding of the world

4. Creative development