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Our Rules and Disciplinary Policies

Section A: School Uniforms/Dress Code

1.     That to ensure uniqueness in dressing, School uniforms shall be bought from the School at the point of getting admission or on extra demand.

2.     That the School footwear shall be black shoe with white or black socks.

3.     That the uniform shall be navy blue trousers/skirts, white shirt/blouse with necktie and maroon blazers for secondary school boys and girls respectively. While in the Nursery/Primary School, the uniform shall be navy blue trousers and sky blue shirt with necktie for boys and, navy blue pinafore and white blouse with necktie for girls.

Section B: Punctuality/Visitation

1.     Morning Assemblies start from 7:30am and are compulsory for all pupils/students.

2.     That lateness to school is highly prohibited; thus parents/guardians should get their wards ready to delaying the School bus.

3.     That parents/guardians who bring their wards to school should do that on or before 7:30am to avoid lockout.

4.     On normal days, school closes by 2:30pm for the Nursery, 3:30pm for the Primary and 4:30pm for the Secondary on Mondays to Thursdays. While on Fridays, the school closes by 2:00pm for the Nursery, 3:00pm for the Primary and 4:00pm for the Secondary.

5.     That parents/guardians shall not enter the School premises to see their wards or teachers without observing the laid-down protocol: registering one’s presence with the receptionist, carefully stating the purpose of the visit and getting an approval of a principal officer.

6.     That on no account should a parent/guardian enter a class to speak or pick his/her ward. Where necessary, with the Management authorization, the class teacher shall all the parent/guardian.

7.     That except on officially authorised Visiting Days- First Sunday of every month, no parent/guardian is permitted to give food or provisions to his/her wards.

8.     That parents/visitors shall park at the designated space shown by the security officers on duty.

Section C: Personal Conduct

9.     That application of body scarification or tattoo is not allowed.

10.            That sagging and pencilling of trousers, attachment of female hair, weave-on dangling beads and earrings, and necklaces are highly prohibited and punishable.

That fighting is not allowed in and outside the school premises; and violation to this rule shall attract severe punishment.