Our Vision

Our Vision is to build unique International Schools focused on producing the best and brightest overly balanced pupils/students

After looking at the Vision, we pondered and asked the following questions:

A.       What is the need for this vision?

  1. Will we be able to live with this vision?
  2. Will we be able to support this vision?
  3. What does this vision expect of us?
  4. Do we believe in this vision?
  5. Do we believe in our School's ability to achieve this vision?
  6. Do we believe we can help make this vision happen?

So, after looking at the questions, we provided answers to same below: the need for the Vision is to give us a precise line of direction and focus; we will be able to live with the Vision; we will be able to support the Vision; the Vision expects us to produce the best and brightest overly balanced pupils/students; we believe in the Vision; we believe in our School’s ability to achieve the Vision; and we can certainly make the Vision materialise. We have developed and endorsed a vision that embodies the best thinking about teaching and learning in JC Best Schools International. Of a truism, our teachers inspire students to reach for ambitious goals and consequently achieve same.


We have a vision that all staff members recognize as a common direction of growth, besides inspiring them to be better. What’s more, the vision also announces to parents and students where they are heading and why they should take the trip with us as we stand on the shoulders of success and attain excellence; hence we are best in-spite of all odds.

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