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Our College


UK-EL'Bethel College is amongst the best in Abuja. It is characterized by high standards in literacy and numeracy; a rich, broad and balanced curriculum; a happy, safe and supportive atmosphere, with a strong commitment to helping all students succeed whatever their background or abilities; and they have strong relationships with parents and the community.

Strategic Management

Any public organization that will achieve its objectives must resort to a more strategic management of its resources - human and non-human capital. Strategic management demands that the vision, goals and action plans for the realization of the said goals be properly defined and articulated from the top management down the line.
An effective school management team must be able to define not only the destination point, but articulate better path ways to get to this destination. The School community -- teaching and non-teaching staff and the pupil must own and identify with this plan and run with it.
Other factors that have accounted for poor strategy and management of the resources the School:
  1. "    Lack of clear objective, focus & action plan
  2. "    Lack of ownership spirit [No motivation]
  3. "    Absence of Quality Control
  4. "    Lapses in the enforcement of discipline.
  5. "    Absence of pressure to perform at all level.
  6. "    Failure to optimally apply human and other resources to school's strategic areas.
  7. "    Inability to break down strategies into action plans
Poor Teaching Delivery Support:
Education of students in a school setting is a two-fold process which entails the impartation of knowledge from qualified and competent staff and the reception of and assimilation of knowledge on the part of the students. The medium and technique of impartation is therefore a critical factor in comprehension and assimilation; the moment the former is compromised, the learning process stands truncated. 
Our situational analysis identifies poor teaching delivery and input as a major ailment that has plagued the School. Poor teaching delivery support is the combination of a host of factors such as:
Obsolete teaching Methods - the teaching methods are declining. Lessons are not practical and case-study driven;
Inadequate and obsolete learning materials and aids - learning materials are not available and where they are available, they are obsolete and have no place in this age of information technology;