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Foreign University Affiliates

Best Schools has initiated discussions with some international schools in UK and USA and also universities such as:
  1.    London South Bank University.
  2.    Metropolitan University.
  3.   Greenwich University.
Our foreign syndication plan with such schools and universities shall offer platforms for exchange programmes, material supports and funding.
  Foreign-based collaborating Areas and Interface:
We intend to complement our efforts on quality improvement and sustenance via the collaborating areas and interface from our foreign partners:
"    Resort to our UK training partners for visual library and international inputs through the support and assistance of Charlton Athletics.
"    Provision of modern and computer-based teaching aids and materials.
"    Institution of a good IT culture; a global gateway for acquisition of new knowledge [Charlton Athletics to support].
"    Introduction of relevant global driven inputs and the adoption of best practices in teaching delivery and quality improvement techniques via our foreign partner - Fortunegate Consulting (fgC) UK, (see ANNEXUES attached).
"    Resort to practical demonstrations, presentations and case studies in our teaching delivery.
"    Special teaching programmes and World class training for the staff to be facilitated by experienced United Kingdom (UK) teachers courtesy of our foreign partners (African Education Training Initiatives).
"    Exchange academic programmes with our international partners for both pupils and teachers alike.