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UK-EL'Bethel  College is amongst the best in Abuja. It is characterized by high standards in literacy and numeracy; a rich, broad and balanced curriculum; a happy, safe and supportive atmosphere, with a strong commitment to helping all students succeed whatever their background or abilities; and they have strong relationships with parents and the community.

In this college, students are engaged by learning that develops and stretches them and excites their imagination.

They enjoy the richness of their learning - not just learning different things, but learning in many different ways: out-of-doors, through play, in small groups, through art and music from each other, from adults other than teachers before and after school formally and informally, by listening, by watching, and by doing. 

They take pride in their learning and want to do well.

Most importantly, At the College,   there is no sense of a tension between high standards and exciting learning.

Our students have the chance to learn in a range of different ways - but all of the learning and teaching is of a high quality, and is planned and managed so that every child is supported and challenged.