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Our Hostels’ Code of Conduct

1.     That both the Muslim and Christian students must wake up by 5:00am to observe their respective morning devotions. For the sake of clarity and togetherness/orderliness, each group is led by a Moderator appointed either by the Hostel Master – for the Boys and the Hostel Mistress – for the Girls, or whoever the group may choose. The morning devotion should not exceed 30 minutes, and in order to maintain the time, the hostel prefect rings the bell timely enough to make the most of the time so given.

2.     That any deliberate or calculated attempt by any student to feign ailment or any other crafty pretence to dodge and evade morning devotions shall be reported to the Hostel Disciplinary Committee, to determine the measure of punishment most appropriate for the said student.

3.     That any abuse of the morning devotion or caricature or mockery of same by any student is highly prohibited, and as such, will be meted with punishment. Both the Hostel Master and the hostel prefect are empowered to punish the defaulter(s) using their own discretion in relation to the weight of the offence.

4.     That all students should have their respective Bibles or Qurans as their religion permits; for, sharing of such Holy items during devotion or ignoring the use of same during devotion is frowned at, hence violation of same will attract punishment.

5.     That the Hostel Master or Hostel Mistress have absolute right to dictate and see how the morning devotion is conducted or who leads in subsequent devotions, so students are advised to accept the responsibility of leading the devotion as directed by the Hostel Master/Mistress.

6.     That the Hostel Master/Mistress takes care and close vigilance on morning devotions so as to pick out any display of uncultured behaviour during devotions for proper punishment.

To ensure that the Hostels are constantly clean for healthy living, we have codes of conduct that regulate our hostel students, for health is wealth. We therefore state that:

1.     Every student is obligated to ensure that the Hostel is constantly as neat as they come, and any deliberate attempt by any student to turn it into a dung-hill will receive severe disciplinary penalties. Not only will this act of notoriety demean the vision and mission of the school but will cast a shadow on the kind of leaders we might have in the near future. This informs the thorough supervision of students by Hostel Master/Mistress during Hostel cleaning.

2.     The Hostel Master/Mistress shall dictate the procedural process and method of cleaning such as sweeping or mopping, having at the back of their minds the psychology of the hostel resident students. They might decide to make a duty roster displaying the names of students assigned to clean where and when, and supervised by the Hostel Prefects appointed by the Hostel Master/Mistress. On no account should a student dodge the cleaning session except such a student is ill or engage in another equally important assignment as authorised by the Hostel Disciplinary Board.

3.     Every student must fetch his/her own water – be it for bathing or cleaning – and not send a fellow student, any notorious behaviour targeted either wittingly or unwittingly to enslave another student is highly prohibited.  We pray to build students with genuine human passion, love, and sympathy for one another, as this will instil the meek of human kindness to flow in their veins even as they aspire and become our future leaders.


4.     Any student who joins forces or connives with another student to induce discomfort in the hostel or covers up offenders shall be treated as offenders themselves and appropriately punished along with the student(s) they have covered.