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Our Support

Our support structures are optimal, compatible, peaceful, secure, friendly and having an ambience and scenery that is convenient and conducive for learning and scholarship.

Our desire remains to achieve the following in the next Five years:-

The best in the basics of reading, writing and mathematics for every child, with each making the maximum possible progress in all classes. We will have very experienced specialists handle literacy and numeracy.

We have taken time to recruit specialist, knowledgeable and experienced subject-teachers rather general classroom teachers.

We currently run 2-time capacity development programmes for all our teachers each term plus an orientation programme for all our new teachers.

We have developed a culture for best teaching and more personalized support for every child whatever their needs - including those with special             educational needs, gifted and talented children.

A richer curriculum, with a minimum of one and half hours high-quality teaching delivery in each subject each week; two hours for Science and Social Studies, and Five hours for English and Mathematics, and the chance to learn a musical instrument.