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An Islamic Perspective towards Philosophy of your practice


Philosophy is study regarding realities, quest for knowledge, and commentary on general concepts of existence. It’s worried about searching of eternal truth, both conceptual in addition to practical. It’s five regions of search – Epistemology, Metaphysics, Appearance, Ethics and History. The instrument utilized by philosophy to unearth realities in order to uncover the fact is logic, both inductive too deductive. Educational philosophy is really a branch of general philosophy, it gains strength from epistemology. It formulates the aims and objectives or items in education that, consequently, influence the entire learning atmosphere, society, and generations to come.

Philosophy of your practice is dependant on general concepts of psychology, sociology, politics, financial aspects, history, science, and religion. Education is dualistic phenomenon it’s static in addition to dynamic. The main portion is dynamic or provisional and adjusts using the change and development in understanding, social structure, and civilization, as the minor but vital portion is static or eternal. We suggested the items in education are eternal as the application and explanation of those contents, a significant portion, is dynamic. We assumed multi-disciplinary approach towards items in education. Case study accommodates the requirements of individuals, society, and some time and encompasses the cultural, social, and vocational aims of your practice.

Education might be formal in addition to informal. The formal education is offered in schools or colleges or universities, however informal education is acquired and absorbed from society and atmosphere. Education, formal & informal, is developed and internalized in a person’s personality through reflection and experience. This means we are learners during our lifetime. However, we will evaluate the philosophy (aims & objectives) of formal education. Furthermore, education has three levels – primary, secondary, and greater. Primary education handles infants of three to 11 years of age, secondary education covers teenagers of 12 to 18 years, and greater education shapes youthful learners of above 18 years. A unique approach is needed for every degree of education.

The items in education change from community to community. A secular society might have another approach towards contents as rival some ideological society. Furthermore, the reason or implementation of contents could be different in various societies. Our analysis is ideological and dominantly according to Islamic view towards education.


The word “education” continues to be produced from the Latin words Educare, Educatum, or Educere. Educatum and educare mean to coach and also to nourish, while educere mean to guide out. The previous signifies that education is one thing exterior to become enforced or place in from outdoors, this means the exterior atmosphere plays a decisive role in mastering process. The second indicate growth from inside this means internal potentialities of the individual are decisive in mastering process, the exterior atmosphere has secondary role in educational process. Naturalists / Psychologists gave more importance to internal dispositions of learning process as the social philosophers put major force on exterior demands of educational process. We assumed an assorted and balanced approach towards role and need for internal-exterior atmosphere of learning process.


Aristotle defined education as process necessary in order to obtain a seem mind inside a seem body, based on him, the goal & purpose of education would be to create good and virtuous citizens. Ibne Khaldun, in fourteenth century, expresses the vista that education consists off intellectual, social, and moral training by which hidden potentialities are developed, traits of character are made and culture of those is communicated towards the coming generations. Dewey, in last century, defined education during these words: “Education is really a procedure for coping with a continuing renovation of encounters. It’s growth and development of all individuals capacities within the individual that will him to manage his atmosphere and fulfill his options.” We might define education as, Education may be the mean whereby adults spread and inculcates to children their understanding, thought-pattern, and behavior pattern and develop their genetic possibility to manage existing and future challenges.

Aims & Objectives – Islamic View

Islam is Divine religion. It is dependant on revealed book, Quran, and prophetic commentary, Hadith. The top responsibility and supreme reason for prophets and Revealed Books will be to educate the mankind for much better, happy, and purposeful existence. They specify the objective of existence, outline the process to actualize it, and offer an operating illustration of purposeful existence. Thus, the aims and objectives of your practice or items in education could be understood in the last Revealed Book, Al-Quran. We pages and use a verse of Al-Quran,

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