Learning Online vs College degree

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We live in a world where internet has become a daily necessity. We do more than 50% of our daily work online. No one goes to shop to get their phone recharged or to pay bills, everything happens online with a click of a button. The same scenario is slowly entering the education department. Companies like Google and Facebook are recruiting people who demonstrate skills rather than people with college degrees.

When it comes to online learning, there are so many platforms available that one might get confused to which one to choose. If you look carefully, not all platforms offer detailed courses that help you to develop your skills. Udemy and skillshare are two platform that offer cheap as well as quality courses. You can check out the complete comparison between Udemy and Skillshare at vionixstudio.

Pros of Online learning
1. Much cheaper than offline course
2. Learn at your own pace.
3. Get refund if you don’t like a course.
4. So many options to select from.
5. Learn anything you want.
6. Learn from anywhere.

Cons of online learning
1. Not accepted in all industry.
2. Difficult to do practical experiments.
3. Not as interactive as classrom.
4. No friends and to hang out with .

It totally depends on what you want to learn. For example, you can learn to make a website from a online course easily but trying to master electrical engineering online is not much feasible. In short, online is good to develop small skills at work but college degree is good if you are looking to get a job.

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