Plants and Life

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Plants are the most important source of life on earth. The diverse forms of plants add to the beauty of the earth. They give oxygen and take in carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, thereby, maintaining the environmental balance. Thus, they reduce the carbon dioxide levels in the environment and prevents the earth’s temperature from rising enormously.

Humans directly or indirectly depend upon plants for various needs. Plants provide nutrition and are a rich source of carbohydrates, vitamins, and fibers. They provide vegetables, fruits, essential oils, spices, beverages, and many more edible materials.

They are an essential source of medicines as well. The medicines derived by the plants do not have any side-effects and are believed to cure the disease once and for all. Plants are also an essential source of paper and bamboo. Plant fuel is less toxic and cost-effective. Plant waste is also used to generate electricity.

The dead plants act as manure for the soil. This improves the fertility of the soil as well as the productivity of the plants. Various fertilizers are also added to the soil by the farmers to improve the yield. This is a fast way of increasing production. However, this has led to the production of plants which can hamper the health of humans.

Fertilizers being chemical substances can prove harmful to the population consuming them. The biologists have devised an alternative to these chemical substances which can fertilize the soil without harming human health. Biofertilizers are the microorganisms that are used as fertilizers to improve the fertility of the soil. They are either present in the soil, or reared by the farmers and added externally to the soil. They are cost-effective and do not pollute the air, water, and soil. This is a great step towards organic farming and is being practiced on a large scale.

Plants are essential to maintaining life on earth. But, they are being depleted frequently. It is our duty to save the plants to sustain life on earth. The cutting down of trees for several resources should be stopped and tree-plantation should be promoted in every region of the earth. Without the plants, no life is possible and the earth will be an ugly barren land.

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