Thank You Letter Guide after a Second Interview

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There are certain things that can brighten your chance at a job interview. You are required to perform as desired during the job interview and also posses the skills required by the employer. While the above points are very important, they are not enough to land you your dream job. You can further brighten your chance by sending a thank you email to the employer, especially after you have gone for the second interview. 

This email can do a lot in increasing your chance of getting the job, but you need to be careful how you compose the email so that you can get the desired result from it. If properly composed, the employers will take an interest in you and place you on priority list for the job.  In the remaining part of this write-up, we will show you how to properly compose this letter so that you can easily get that job you have applied for.

What it can do

The thank you email, aside from showing the employer how grateful you are too them for calling you for the second interview, will also put you in the mind of the employer.  It may look like just a show of gratitude to the employer, but it is far more than that; the letter will equally help you to build very useful network with the company. Even if they do not employ you at the end of the day, you can still get employed in the future since you will occupy a principal place on their lists of potential employees.  No matter what the outcome of the employment process, you will be making a mark in that organization and the future is sure going to be bright for you. 

Furthermore, the chance of the employer to cancel an interview will greatly reduce if you send the email. 

Format to follow

When writing the letter, make sure you avoid any colloquial language used on a daily basis. It is advisable to forward the email to each of the persons that sat at the interview panel. If you are not on a familiar term with the interviewers, it is not advisable to address them by their first names.  Make sure you adopt only a formal style of writing. 

You should begin the email with a thanking section. This is a show off gratitude and can help grasp the attention of the interviewers.  You should show your appreciation in this section of the email to show the interviewers that you appreciate the time they devoted to the interview. The email will equally give you an opportunity to reaffirm your interest in the job posting and never forget to remind the interviewers about your skills and how much impact those skills can have on the company.         

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