The learning ladder that grew from simple to comprehensive

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Back in the street-lamp learning days, learning was a very simple method. Though it has been quite challenging and still is. You as a learner in the earlier days were only restricted to a lean curriculum of knowledge. But today you can learn machine learning to even music comprehension easily by online education. Let’s look at how we evolved from naive nerdy days to smart nerdy times.

In 1954, BF Skinner, a psychology professor at Harvard invented the teaching machine. This machine allows students to administer a syllabus of programmed learning.

Later in 1960, PLATO also known as Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations was introduced. It became the first computer-based teaching system, which evolved more exponentially and by the 1970s, it helped grow students and users around the world.

Sounds a little complicated right? Yes, it was. But that is what has led us to today. We define book learning as offline learning as it really fits the extreme of online learning.

Today there are numerous free online courses comprising a wide and never-ending range of syllabus. It’s amazing how one can work on their curriculum lessons with online learning platforms and also simultaneously learn professionally on subjects outside the classroom.

To help students engage more as they grow, Simplilearn, a platform for online learning courses, provides assistance to enhance their learning within and beyond the curriculum. They also provide distance learning, graduate and post-graduate courses.

There are many advantages that online learning courses offer us. You get to choose what you want to learn. You not only get to learn with your comfort but also at the ease of your flexibility.

Online education provides various other benefits such as

  • Enhancing your resume: Availing online courses which provide certificates helps build your resume with skills and tool learning.
  • Helps you keep learning: When learning is adjusted to your ease, your curiosity grows on the subjects. Hence making you a better learner.
  • Lower prices: Online learning is affordable. Usually, online learning platforms provide monetary benefits like discounts, coupons, and referrals. Despite that, the courses are priced low.
  • You get to learn at your own pace: It’s really crucial when you get your own time to learn and understand the concepts. Online learning provides students with the benefit of time availability and flexibility. Learning at your pace makes learning crystal clear.
  • Save time: You save a lot of time while studying online. Getting out extra time to engage in hobbies and extracurricular activities, helps you grow as a person holistically.

A big question: Is traditional learning fading away?

Traditional learning is the term addressed to the former learning. Tomorrow our online learning would be addressed as traditional learning. For now, our roots from traditional learning are still engaged. You can find them in the professors who in order to teach are adjusting to the revamped online learning tools and platforms.

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