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Everyone in the world has socialacceptance based on their gender of masculine and feminine. This is a basic fact that we all grow up accepting and acknowledging. However, there are still terms like third gender or transgender. This is for people who are not clear about their sexual or gender orientations. There are number of terms used for such individuals and they also have a hard time facing rejection, criticism, scorn and disdain in society. This is where the LGBT forum comes into play.

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The LGBTQ forum caters to people like this who fall under a specific category, be it transgender or bisexual or any other. One thing should always be kept in mind that there is a common factor among all of us that we are all human beings. So, there is no excuse for treating these people like lepers or being shocked and horrified at their gender orientations. Many of them cannot help being born in this manner and not realize it till a later age, much to the shock and horror of their families.  You must have seen people who are boys but seem very girlish to you or other women who act like men. They are examples of people having reverse gender tendencies but the appearance of the other gender. A lot of people opt for gender change surgeries which are again a very time consuming process, physically, emotionally, socially as well as legally. The main problem is that these people are confused, scared, hurt and more often than not, alone. This is the reason that these forums are encouraged specially for these individuals to talk, connect and support their own kind. This can be done by asking LGBT questions or sharing LGBTQ experiences. Talking things through makes them feel reassured and well accepted by society. It is not a person’s fault how he is born. The choice of birth or gender is never ours so one should definitely feel empathy towards and meet the LGBT people.


These forums help in dealing and soothing the troubles of a specific section of our society. You can help them by talking to them and treating them with respect. It may not be a comfortable dealing for many so the medium can be made virtual. By asking them LGBT questions and encouraging LGBT chat, it becomes very easy for these people to feel better and more confident about themselves. It is a very sensitive topic for many and a matter of shame for others. But the online forums encourage questions and sharing of experiences. It helps people to find, connect, support and guide each other without revealing your identity. It serves as a kind of counseling for many so you can be rest assured of getting the support  and guidance which you need there. The main point for the other people is to provide them empathy and not sympathy. Remember not to treat people with scorn but compassion on the ground that we are all human beings.

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