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Every day, people are victims of accidents of all kinds or show acute signs of illness which risks putting an abrupt end to their existence or leading to major handicaps for the rest of their lives. When suddenly faced with this kind of dramatic situation, it is advisable to alert the emergency services, as quickly as possible, so that the victim can benefit from the required medical care in the best conditions. You can have the best guide to first aid courses now in every way.

The best Options

Unfortunately, many precious minutes usually elapse between the moment when the dramatic event occurs and the intervention of specialized help. These minutes often mean death or a life in pain for the victim if he is alone and without help.

The gestures that can be of decisive importance during the first minutes are easily learned. Each person is able to acquire this knowledge, useful in case of danger. In many situations, systematic knowledge of first aid will allow you to act correctly and avoid dramatic incidents, regardless of whether they involve a stranger, your own child, a family member, a friend, a sports partner, or that they take place at home, at the workplace, as part of leisure activities.

  • In an emergency, it is not advisable to count on the help of others and thus waste precious minutes. Learning to provide first aid means assimilating the knowledge that allows you to react correctly when faced with a dramatic situation.

Since the right to life, health and physical integrity is a right that we all have a duty to protect, and in most countries there is a legal obligation to help, it is very important to have some basic notions about first aid. to know how to act if you find yourself in this situation.

What is the Aim?

The aim of this initial care, which is first aid, is to prevent the victim’s injuries from worsening and thus keep the injured or sick person out of danger.

There are a wide variety of situations that you can find during your day to day that require first aid as any type of accident that produces injuries such as wounds, hemorrhages, trauma, burns, choking, poisoning or lung, neurological or cardiovascular diseases that cause sudden and serious symptoms such as loss of consciousness, seizures, heart attack or cardiorespiratory arrest, among others.


It is important that you know how to recognize the potential seriousness of these accidents or illnesses and know how to act correctly and effectively, since the state and evolution of the resulting injuries may depend on the speed and quality of the first aid received on site during this first assistance. Despite this, it should not be forgotten that, if the person who attends these situations at the initial moment is not health personnel, first aid will be limited to the knowledge of the person who applies them, without the intention of replacing health care if this is indicated.


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