Tips to prepare your child for SSAT for their dream school 

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Raising and teaching your children about various topics and preparing them for a good school is quite difficult. If your child is interested in studying in independent school, you should prepare them for the SSAT exam. This exam is held by every independent school to get admission of the students into their campus. There are many institutions and coaching centers which prepare children for these exams and help them to increase their IQ level, you can visit for more details. Every child has a different level of understanding and catching power and thus every student cannot be compared. Giving each child proper attention is the main motive of these institutions. 

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Tips to prepare your child for SSAT exam

  • Take practice tests – you should make your child practice the online tests and the last year examination papers are always a good idea to start from. There are many sites which provide daily test for this exam and your child can practice these exams and correct all the mistakes done by him. Solve at least 5 years of question paper for proper idea on how questions are framed and what are the important repetitive questions. 
  • Focus on the hard topics – there are many institutes that focus on the child’s weak topic and clear the basic concept to make them master, you can visit for such institutions in detail. Topics which your child is good at can be covered and brushed off then purely focus on understanding the basic concept and give them practice questions on the topics which they are weak at.
  • Study regularly – make a proper time table for your child having regular fixed study hours. Preparing your child 3 months prior to the SSAT exam is always considered smart. Regular study will make them remember things more accurately and they will be more focused on the current topics that are taught to them without being distracted. 


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