Tips To Teach Class 1 Maths To Your Kid

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In Class 1, a child is introduced to simple mathematical problems for the first time. It is therefore important that the introduction to Class 1 Maths should be done properly. The introduction should not be done in a complex manner so that the child feels intimidated while studying the subject. Children have tender minds, so they should be taught in a simple manner so that they can retain the different mathematical sums and problems with ease. They should be made aware of various mathematical problems using simple interesting objects so that they do not develop a dislike towards the subject. They can learn playfully with the help of objects such as coins, bottles, etc. By using those objects while learning, it would help them to retain the concepts in their minds for a longer period of time.

In the first standard, kids can be exposed to learning through Maths Worksheets for Class 1 so that they are able to grasp various mathematical concepts easily and remember them longer. Worksheets are an integral part of learning as they help children to learn complex concepts with the help of pictures easily. Maths Worksheets for kids prepare them for different scenarios and help to enhance their analytical skills. In Class 1 Maths, kids learn new topics for the first time such as Addition, Subtraction, Place values and Numbers, Counting money, Shapes, etc.

In Class 1 Maths, kids learn about new mathematical concepts and it can be made interesting for them by teaching them those topics using colourful Maths Worksheets for Class 1. Kids should be taught to learn the subject in an interesting manner so that they have an in-depth understanding of different topics.

  1. Shapes: This is one of the important chapters of Class 1 Maths where kids learn about various shapes and sizes. There are various exercises in this chapter which help them to identify how one shape is different from another.
  2. Numbers: In this chapter, children are introduced to learn various numbers, initially from 1 to 9, 10 to 20, etc. They are taught this topic chronologically so that they understand the sequence of numbers used in Arithmetic.
  3. Addition: Children are introduced to the world of adding sums in this chapter as addition is one of the most important functions of Arithmetic. Addition is one of those root concepts of mathematical problems which is being used by everyone throughout their lives.
  4. Subtraction: This is yet another key function of Arithmetic that kids learn in Class 1 Maths. This is a crucial concept that helps kids to get an understanding of how to deduct one number from another.
  5. Telling time: After kids have grasped an understanding of numbers, they are taught to tell the time on the clock. They are made to learn with pictures through various activities and this also gives them an opportunity to understand numbers in a better way and identify time by looking at the clock.
  6. Counting money: In this chapter, children learn about money and its different denominations. The exercises are fairly simple as they learn to count money using coins or notes. This chapter again exposes them to have an in-depth understanding of the number system.
  7. Place value: In this concept, children learn about the value that is represented by a digit in a number by virtue of its position. They learn how in a three-digit number which digit is in units, tens or hundredths place.

As they get to learn new concepts in a fun way, they are in a better position to learn those concepts when taught at school. The Worksheets for kids are crafted keeping in mind the intake capacity of young minds and the solutions are provided along with the worksheets so that parents can correct the mistakes of their children right on time. So, utilize these worksheets to make your kid understand crucial concepts of Maths by making it more creative and entertaining. To make kids learn Maths worksheets are the best resource.

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