Top 3 Math Resources for New York Students

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Lots of people have that special someone in their lives they can go to when they need help with math. Maybe for you it’s your dad or a little sister or even somebody like a regular tutor? Regardless of who they are to you, there are just some people who seem to have a magical mathematics gene that allows them to solve complex equations the rest of us can’t even begin to understand. If algebra sounds more like a foreign language to you or you don’t have a math genius at your disposal, that’s okay too. Math can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be so hard you want to pull your hair out. Instead living with early pattern baldness, you can try one of the countless online and in person recourses available to you, including, but not limited to, regular and specialized online calculators and how to guides. If you happen to be an aspiring or more seasoned high school student in the magical state of New York, then here are at least three places you can go that were designed by math experts specifically to help you. 

  1. Caddell Prep (

You know what they say. Practice makes perfect and if it’s practicing your math that you’re looking to do, look no further than Caddell Prep. I know that sounds an awful lot like some cheesy sales pitch, but their online resources have it all. They offer online math lessons aligned to what students learn throughout the year, plus comprehensive test prep. Each student’s growth and problem areas are tracked to not only show you how far you’ve come, but also help you be aware of areas where you might need to do a little bit of extra work. With this service you’re not spending hours of your time shuffling through flashcards and while that can certainly be a valid way to study, nothing beats learning through real life practice. With a free membership, you’ll gain access to many helpful study videos and questions that are going to look like what you’ll see in school. Maybe you need to work on your algebra? What about geometry? No problem, just take one of their four free courses to help you master the basics and give you a solid foundation so you’re ready to tackle the really difficult equations. Sometimes you have to actually do something to learn it and you might find that math can be easy if you spend a little time working through it. Take a test today and see how your math skills add up. 

What makes Caddell Prep the best resource for New York Students is the test prep that is offered. In conjunction with the math lessons, Caddell Prep can guide students from seventh grade through high school. Test prep is offered for high school admissions tests including SHSAT and TACHS, math Regents exams, and SAT.

  1. IXL (

Are you having trouble figuring out quadratic equations? Maybe it’s calculus that’s throwing you for a loop? That’s understandable. Plenty of people find math in particular to be a breathtakingly difficult subject to learn. Sometimes all you need is a bit of a different way to look at things. Whatever level you’re at with math, IXL can help you. The notebook reminiscent design of the website itself might not look like much to an aspiring or existing high school student, but this all inclusive study resource covers mathematical topics from kindergarten right up through to high school graduation on top of covering subjects such as history and language arts. What makes this particular learning tool so unique is the fact that it’s not just a website. You can actually download one of their many apps on your smartphone or tablet and study from anywhere you want. You can still go to the beach and enjoy a little vitamin D while you learn. You can study on your lunch break at work and still have time to go out with friends. IXL is here to help give you the recourses you need from practice questions to even just a way to fit studying into your busy life period. Let’s face it, we all get busy, but that doesn’t mean your studies have to suffer and neither does your social life. Well, not much anyway. 

  1.     Barron’s Regents (

Everybody knows that studying for the Regent exam can be a stressful endeavor, especially when it comes to the mathematical sections of the test. A little stress can be good to get the blood pumping, but it doesn’t have to be so hard you feel like your brain is melting. Barron’s Regent offers a unique and targeted way of helping you study. While its progress notes and detailed explanations of answers might not seem all that different than other services, where the Barron’s Regent really shines is the fact that you can pick real questions straight off of the regent exam. No, not the exam from this year, that would be cheating. However, you can pick from questions in any topic and from any previous date in the exam’s history that you like. The website boasts over one thousand different questions to choose from and each one is a real life question that has been on the exam at one point or another. It’s one thing to study theoretical questions that merely mimic what you’ll see on your exam, but another entirely to be able to see the exact questions and wording that have been used for real life people in the past. This method allows students to get a feel for exactly what kind of questions they can expect when that dreaded piece of paper is set down in front of them and feel a little bit better prepared to write out the right kinds of answers. 

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