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In addition, the summary may also appear translated into another language, usually English, although it will depend on the institution responsible for the publication. In any case, summaries in both languages ​​should not occupy more than one page.

The Cover

In line with the previous section, the cover is usually obligatory in more “serious” works, such as thesis, master’s or final degree projects. It should be taken into account, however, that citation style establishes its rules on how the cover should be. Therefore, once you have decided which citation system you are going to use, try to follow the indications of that style. However, the universities themselves facilitate the work and have cover templates to incorporate into Word. The use of covers and indexes is appropriate for works of a certain length that have different sections; in other types of texts, such as essays, reading reports or reviews, covers or indexes are not usually included because their length is not long enough to establish different sections. A visit to  makes things perfect now.

What Should Appear In Our Work

The work should reflect that the author knows and understands the subject he is addressing, and for this we must bear in mind that who is going to read – and correct – the text is a person specialized in that subject, so the text must be well argued and supported with the corresponding sources. Therefore, it is pertinent to know well what authors we are citing and in what year the documents that we are incorporating into the bibliography of our work were published, put in the academic world the knowledge is not stagnant, but is constantly renewed, and we may be basing our dissertation on theories that have already been refuted.

It is also often assessed that the works are not mere successions of long appointments with more than four lines, since we must also demonstrate the argumentative and relationship capacity of some ideas with others. That is, that the work is original and not a simple amalgam of quotes about a certain topic.

Check Spelling

In our work there must be an orthotographic uniformity that facilitates its reading and understanding. For this reason, it is convenient to have several clear ideas:

The quotation marks: the Spelling of the Spanish language recommends using, first, the angular quotation marks; then the doubles; and, lastly, the simple ones. As in the following example – which we include in this article about the use of quotes -:

For the definitions, single quotes are used: The word fission means ‘cell division by strangulation and separation of portions of protoplasm.

For quotations of less than four lines, double quotes in texts written in Spanish; In English, double quotes are used:

However, these tips, especially those in this last section are always subject to the different manuals and style guides that the universities or institutions in which we are going to publish can follow. In addition, the best advice we can give you is that, before writing, the most important thing is to have read a lot and carefully, as it is the best way to learn to write an academic paper.

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