Turning Your Passion for Helping People into a Career

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With the economic downturn and ever-increasing competition, making a good living as a Freelance or Freelance Consultant is not for everyone.To be sure, you just have to look at all the Pro blogs that are blooming, the daily struggle waged by consultants on social networks. For the consulting careers ideas you can get a lot of support.At the same time, customers are less and less loyal to their consulting agencies: an American study carried out with 202 marketing managers showed that 31% of them changed agencies during the year, and that 24% plan to change it next year.

  • The positive point is that on the other hand there are opportunities to attract these companies unhappy with their current agencies.
  • This is why for, if you want to get started as a Consultant or Freelance, it is no longer a question of waiting for the prospect but of going to get it. The purpose of this article is precisely to give you 7 golden rules to start well as a Consultant or Freelance.
  • Offer the right price for your services. For the coaching careers this is important.

The Right Price

The price of its services is an important variable in the choice of a consultant: if it is too expensive the client’s budget will not be sufficient, if it is too cheap the consultant loses his credibility. This is why it is essential to think carefully about its price. To help you define it there are several methods.So how to start a coaching and consulting career? Here we are.

  • The easiest way is to look at what other providers are doing, just ask for a “quote” anonymously, or simply visit sites to see what the average rates for the profession are for these benefits.
  • However, if these tariffs help you to know what your competitors are doing, they do not help you to know if you will be able to live decently by practicing these tariffs. Indeed even if at the beginning it is necessary to say yes to all the requests for work, it in the short / medium term, your income must be sufficient to cover your expenses.

This is why it is interesting to calculate the price of its services taking into account the money that it will bring you (in theory). As you go for the coaching business plan you can have the best choices. Certification is important here and that is the reason you can have the best choice. You can know how to become a certified coach there and go for it.

The principle is simple:

Evaluate the income you want to obtain in “net” income every month, and multiply it by 2 to obtain your “gross” Turnover. Indeed it is approximately 50% of your income which will be used for taxes and miscellaneous and varied charges. The coaching business plan is essential there.

Divide this amount by the number of days you are available to work, knowing that it is rarely possible to work more than 4 days / week (you must reserve time for your vacation, administrative tasks, sick days). Of course if everything goes well you will work on Saturday, even Sunday (but beware of the impact on your family life and your friends). The use of the mentoring business ideas is essential.

This being your available theoretical working time, it should not be forgotten that you must devote time to find customers (keep a blog, browse in trade fairs, attend networking evenings, intervene in trade fairs) and following that make appointments to convince your prospects. And so as a beginner consultant, you can easily take away 50% of your “productive” time which will be reserved for hunting customers.

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